PWN Deed Token Renaming

Hello PWN Stars,

Currently, the PWN “deed” is an ERC1155 token (NFT), representing a loan which is held by the lender until the loan is either paid in full or defaulted.

The term “deed” was initially chosen because it is a recognizable word in the physical world. However, we here at PWN are always looking to iterate and improve.

We would like to rename “deed” to something more unique to the PWN platform. This token will be the digital representation of a loan, held by the lender, within the PWN protocol.

We have been discussing this dilemma internally for quite some time, but would like to open the discussion to the PWN community to get broader feedback before we make a final decision.

A few of the ideas we have pitched internally are:

  • LOAN Token - an acronym with LOAN, but what does the acronym mean? Does it need a meaning? Some of us think it’s more amusing if we don’t actually define it, but we would love to hear what acronyms you can come up with.

  • PWN Token (Property Weilding Note) - same idea, an acronym. This one even has our company name in it! We still don’t know how to pronounce PWN. How do you pronounce it?

  • UOME Token - like a reverse IOU. You owe me. It’s cute, it’s also kind of an acronym. You can tell we like acronyms here at PWN.

  • Loan Token - simple, sweet, and to the point. We can also make it into an acronym! However, much like ATM machine already has machine right there in the acronym, we worry that calling it an LT token would be a bit redundant, redundant.

With that we leave the discussion to you! Let us know what you think. Do you like these ideas? Do you have any other ideas of your own? Are they acronyms?

Thank you,

PWN Team


I like LOAN, could be an acronym for ‘Liquidity Ownership Approval Note’ maybe?

My suggestion would be to stick with PWN Deed → PWND (i find it pretty funny actually) but since this may (?) contradict with the company profile, i would have no say in that :slight_smile:

It all comes down to how we want to present ourselves. I guess this should go hand in hand with Branding & Marketing plan. If we as the community are to decide, i think i would propose we should eloborate a little bit on that section of the business plan together.


Hihi.! For start I feel DEED is good already. Clear and meaning is known easily all around.

Though I suggest DEED over LOAN. As LOAN kind of giving some negative, deadpan, monetary tone. DEED resonates better. Points towards any, pretty valuable stuff, property such like NFT.

Thus I’m thinking → PWND → our ticker PWN with DEED in it. PWND. Meaning PWN Deed or PWN’s Deed.

In short, DEED token or PWND token. Representative of an erc 1155 deed token.

Thank u. :slight_smile:


I like LOAN, or maybe something like pLOAN for PWN LOAN, similar to a- or c- tokens in aave/compound.

Think the most important factor is how it relates to ux and to that end having relatively similar terminology across different lending platforms. Whatever achieves that goal is probably the best solution, but obviously its early.


UOME Token - like a reverse IOU. I like it the most. It is very cute.

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I am a big fan of pLOAN and using p as a PWN prefix.

I also like UOME as I haven’t seen it used in DeFi and there is no token with that symbol. Unfortunately there is a token with LOAN symbol (proton loan).

What about pUOME? Overkill?

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this is great stuff.

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback! This has been super valuable for PWN and we always encourage community engagement.

We’ve made a decision! We’ll follow up with announcements on that when we’re ready to release the next iteration of the PWN protocol contracts.

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